Staunch Ambition: Issue 4 or Season 1 Full Trade - A Supernatural Sci-Fi

Created by Brian E Lau

Why did ROD end his life and sabotage the station? Who are Rielle's real parents? This Decisive Season Finale Answers All!

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So Much Done, So Much To Do!
over 1 year ago – Tue, Oct 26, 2021 at 09:14:20 PM


I have some AWESOME NEWS below, but first.

My main focus has been working with my editor and the printers. I worked hard to have some books for a big convention, Motor City Comic Con, over a week ago, but the books they printed for this show were a proof version. Instead of printing one, they printed many versions of the proof so I had books for the show, and because of that, the show was amazing!

The Monday after my hectic weekend show I went through the proof version for several days with my editor. We found some final changes that needed to be made, making the book as perfect as possible. I then spent several days working on the updates and exported them out. I just sent the changes to the printer, and they are switching out the pages. Very soon, they will send me the digital proof to check before we print the final books. I will start sending out all the rewards as soon as I can.


I'll be traveling to California (my 1st time on the west coast) in a few weeks to be on the biggest show I've had a chance to be on to date! I'm a HUGE fan of the show and am really looking forward to this trip.

I've BEEn invited to BE on the BABYLON BEE! A conservative Christian news satire website that publishes satirical articles on topics including religion, politics, current events, and public figures.

I'm looking forward to meeting Ethan Nicolle the writer of Bears Want To Kill You, Axe Cop, and Chesterton's Gateway, just to name a few. Ethan bought my book Inferno City Firehouse and shouted it out on the show. Oh yeah, I'm also looking forward to meeting Kyle Mann. ;)


Our movie Florian's Knights is now available for Pre-Order to stream on Apple TV! If we get a sizable amount of pre-orders then the movie will stream on more services. This movie's success will be a HUGE step in my career and it will introduce many more people to our book Inferno City Firehouse! 

Pre-Order Here: APPLE TV


Locke & Key Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix! Watch what they're doing with Hallea Jones's character, Eden Hawkins, as she has been promoted to a Regular character! Her character has become extremely critical to the plot by becoming one psychotic-demonic-babe! Hallea has finished an amazing song for the Season Finale of Staunch, and she is starring as our main character Commander Rielle Avila in the Staunch Ambition Trade, and on the cover of Issue 4! 

More to come, soon!

Thank you so much for supporting us and for being patient!

The Books Are Getting Printed
over 1 year ago – Wed, Sep 15, 2021 at 04:24:12 PM

First off if you have NOT filled out your survey from Backerkit, make sure you do so ASAP!


I know all of you are waiting with great anticipation, just as I, to receive the Remastered Full Season 1 Trade. I've been getting 6 hours of sleep most nights for the last 12 days, in order to get this book to the printer. I even worked without stopping from 10 am Wednesday till 11 am Thursday, and the ONLY reward I want, is to have this beautiful book, finally finished.

This is the most difficult book I've produced to date. It's like I'm producing four books in the same time span as I would have produced one book. When you add up Issue 4 being a double-sized Issue and the remastering of Issue's 0 through 3, it amounts to four books in total.

Bottom-line is that I will be sending out rewards in about 14 days!

I can't wait for the day to come when I have the books delivered to my front door and start shipping them out to all you amazing Backers!


If you have not heard, the movie "Florian's Knights" is currently showing in many theaters all across North America. Artauxeo, Jay A. DeFoy, and I worked on the poster. I came up with the tagline We Ride To Survive or Ride To Survive and they filmed my book Inferno City Firehouse and I, which will be its own short film to come out sometime down the road! Please, consider supporting fire fighter's mental health and my first movie.

Check out theater locations and times at the official website.


Surveys are coming and then the REWARDS!
over 1 year ago – Mon, Aug 23, 2021 at 04:14:27 PM

Good News! The Surveys Are Ready And Coming!

Make sure to fill out your survey ASAP so you can get your name in the book, plus I need to know how many books and posters to print. :)

Great News! The Books Are Almost Finished!

We only have the final edits and a few other details to work out. We're so close to finishing the books and they are looking better than I had hoped. We've gone back and updated the already amazing art from the original artist to make it look more consistent with the newer art. I was wondering if it was worth the time and money and as you can see below it was well worth it.

Better News! Three New Pages At No Extra Cost!

After going over all of Season 1 with my new editor we decided that the story needed a few more details. These pages are epic and will add so much more to the story.


The first movie I've worked on is coming out soon! Florian's Knights - Firefighters form a motorcycle club to cope with the effects of PTSD. A documentary about firefighters and the mental toll their job can put on them. It will be in select theatres across North America beginning Sept 10

Jay A DeFoy, ArtAuxeo, and I worked on the official poster. (See below) I also came up with the tagline "We Ride To Survive". They filmed me and my book Inferno City Firehouse but that won't be coming out until sometime later. Right now we need to get the word out about the feature film and get butts in seats for it to grow in success.

Check out the trailer here! Follow, Like, Share, and Order Tickets if it's showing near you. 

Remember to fill your survey out ASAP! Thank you.

Getting Closer to the Finished Product
over 1 year ago – Sun, Jul 18, 2021 at 10:19:04 PM

We're getting so close to having everything finished.

I've been so focused on finishing your books on time that I haven't wanted to do anything else, like send out an update, but because things are going even better than I hoped, I just had to break away to share how amazing this remastered book is coming along.

We're reworking the lettering layouts, some of the dialog, and the coloring. Many of you know that my first artist Tyler dropped out of working as a comic artist altogether after we finished our second issue. He went on to work in the video game industry. I nearly had a nervous breakdown at the time but looking back it worked out for the better. I wouldn't have started working with Erwin, Neal, and Bunny as my main artists. You can see below how much better they fit our supernatural Sci-Fi.

Now that we're combining all the issues into one trade I wanted to go back over Tyler's work and make it look like the rest of the book's art. Bunny has already started updating the 33 pages and WOW do they look amazing! I wasn't sure how this effort would turn out and if it would be worth the time and money but as you can see below it's a HUGE improvement!

OK, back to working on the final edits. More good news coming soon. :)

Thank you all.

Below are a few before and after pages. These are just a taste! I'm tempted to share more but would rather you see them for the first time when you get the books. Peace.

Issue 1 - Page 13 Before and After
Issue 2 - Page 46 Before and After
Issue 2 - Page 52 Before and After
Preview Issue - Page 08 Before and After

The Joys of Being Fully Funded!
almost 2 years ago – Mon, Jun 07, 2021 at 12:26:40 AM

Because of all you independent comic book lovers we not only reached our funding goal but we surpassed our 1st stretch goal. Every backer will receive a bonus download of Disposable Legends by Terry Mayo Writer - Lucas Romero Artist, Cover Artist - 28 pages!

The fun continues on our end as we're about 90% finished with the books, music, posters, and all the behind the scene details. We're currently finishing the colors on the last 4 pages, working through the edits, and polishing the final version of Hallea's new song.

Speaking of Hallea Jones, as promised you all are invited to a Zoom call with Hallea, me, and a bottle of wine this Saturday, June 12th at 8 PM EST to talk about Her Music - The Book - Locke & Key - Life... Who knows what kind of fun will happen but we know it'll be a BLAST!

Notify me that you would like to attend by simply going to the top right of my Kickstarter page then click on my “Created by Brian Lau” Bio link then send me a quick message through “Contact”. I’ll email you a confirmation email and send the Zoom link sometime before Saturday.

More good news coming soon!

Thanks again and peace.